God Has Adopted Us

Series: Child Sponsorship | Week 1: Child Sponsorship Sunday

Read Romans 11:11-24 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. Who rejected God’s salvation?

2. What do the different branches represent?

3. How did Paul describe God?


To graft a branch into a tree means to take a branch that was part of a different tree and connect it to a new one. Through the process, the branch receives nutrients from the new tree and continues to grow as a part of it. Paul used this image to describe how God adopted Gentiles, people who weren’t Israelites, into His family of believers.

The Old Testament is the vital part of God’s Word that tells His story of redemption as it leads to Jesus’ life on earth. From the beginning, God promised a man named Abraham that He would choose a people – the Israelites – and through them, He would bless the whole world (Genesis 12:1-3). Through Abraham came David, and through David came Jesus, our Savior. When we accept His saving work on the cross, God grafts us into His family tree. He calls us His children, showing His kindness, and He doesn’t let evil go unpunished, showing His justice.

Who in your life doesn’t know the good news that Jesus brings? If you’ve experienced His love, share it! The news is too good to keep hidden.


Serving others here in our church is a great way to deepen connections with others and with God. If you aren’t already on a serving team, take some time to look at the available opportunities at https://tpcc.org/serve-here. Make a list of your passions and talents, and pray over your list and the serving teams. Is God calling you to step into one?

Child Sponsorship