God's Comfort

Series: Mother's Day | Week 1: Mother's Day At Traders Point

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-7 in your Bible or through the link provided. 


How is God described in this passage? 

What is the purpose of God’s comfort? 

How is His comfort shared? 


Paul addressed his critics in this passage who questioned his credibility as a church leader. They wondered how someone who had a close and meaningful relationship with God could also experience suffering. Paul used this moment to show the Corinthians how God worked something much greater for him through his suffering, rather than letting him experience a pain-free life.  

The word “comfort” here goes beyond our English definition of comfort. Instead of being defined as soothing, it’s translated to mean “spiritual strengthening” and “encouragement.” Paul’s point is that God spiritually strengthens and encourages us in our struggles so that we can give this same type of comfort to other struggling believers.  

You don’t have to struggle alone. You have God and people on your side. Your story of suffering could one day be another person’s source of hope. Take your pain and worry to God and surround yourself with people who can point you to the hope you have in Jesus and walk with you through every step of your struggle. You can still experience fullness and comfort in the middle of your difficult circumstances.  


When you’re going through something difficult, who or what do you turn to for comfort? Do they point you to Jesus? Do they remind you where your comfort comes from? Is there anything in your life you turn to for comfort that you need to release to God? 

If you need help finding a group of believers to surround yourself with, visit tpcc.org/groups

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Mother's Day