God's Mercy

Series: Mother's Day | Week 1: Mother's Day At Traders Point

Read Ephesians 2:1-5 in your Bible or through the link provided. 


How are humans described in the passage? 

How is God described in the passage?

What does God give us in Jesus? 


In Ephesians 1, Paul encouraged the people of Ephesus with the good things they have because of Jesus. He continued his encouragement in chapter two but makes a shift. Instead of keeping the focus on God, he shifted to the sins of mankind. In doing so, believers can see a beautiful picture of God’s mercy and grace.  

Our sins separated us from God in His mercy and love, rescued us through Jesus and gave us new life. When we receive mercy, it means we are spared from the punishment we deserve, and when we receive grace, we're given blessings that we don't deserve. Even though we all fall short and deserve judgment and separation from God, we're given a second chance through His kindness and forgiveness. 

The way you live and express your faith reflects how deeply you understand God's mercy (James 2:13-18). Your ability to show mercy during conflicts or disagreements provides others with a tangible example of how Jesus has transformed your life. Remember that you aren't alone in this journey. The Holy Spirit is there to guide you and empower you to reflect God's mercy to others. 


Is it hard for you to show mercy? Why or why not? Is there someone in your life you need to show mercy to? God’s mercies are new for you each morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). Ask God to help you understand the significance of His mercy and extend it to others. 

Mother's Day